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Adult Education. ABE services include classroom instruction, one-to-one tutoring, computer-assisted instruction and distance learning. ABE services are delivered by a diverse provider network composed of community-based organizations CBOs , Local Education Agencies LEAs , community colleges, workplaces, labor unions, and correctional education.

Students must meet state and local requirements to earn a diploma. Any credits earned in high school or at other adult education programs may be applied towards earning high school diploma credit.

DVV International: Adult Education and African Development in the Context of Globalization

In addition to language instruction, ELA programs are designed to assist learners in transitioning to programs that lead to the attainment of a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent, post-secondary education and training, or employment. Due Annually: September 1 Utah Adult Education Collected Fees Expenditure Plan Collected Fees Expenditure Plan report an annual expenditure plan to the Utah State Board of Education describing how collected fees from the previous year will be expended in meeting the literacy needs of the adult learner.

Due Annually: September 30 Independent Compliance Audit All adult education programs are required on an annual basis to contract with an independent accountant to validate program outcomes.

Department of Workforce Services Office Search Workforce Services Rehabilitation UtahFutures is a web-based career information system that helps students learn more about how his or her personal characteristics can be used in a variety of occupations. Professional Development Literacy Information and Communication System LINCS provides free access to communities of practice, self-paced online courses, and searchable resources for adult educators.

Prisons and Institutions PI : Used for the cost of educational programs for criminal offenders in correctional institutions and for other institutionalized individuals. Priority for program services should be given to individuals likely to leave the correctional institution within five years of participation.

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Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education IELCE : Services must include instruction in literacy and English language acquisition and instruction on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and civic participation. The international community through political development efforts has identified adult education and learning, including adult literacy, as fundamental to achieving sustainable development, including eradicating poverty, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, combatting inequality, and fostering social inclusion.

This crossover makes sense as TVET empowers individuals with the knowledge and skills to secure decent work and thereby plays a role in reducing inequalities and eradicating poverty. This connection is also reflected in human rights law, where TVET is considered both part of the right to education and the right to work.

The targets on TVET reflect the importance of the human rights principle of non-discrimination through their emphasis on equal access between the genders and the need for disaggregated data for all indicators that track progress for each of the targets. This is because TVET systems can be discriminatory.

In turn, this gender division of labour contributes to the perpetuation of gender inequalities at work and in society at large. There are four targets and associated indicators related to technical and vocational education:. The Agenda also highlights the importance of non-formal adult education, which tends to benefit marginalised groups. Education is also central to achieving other goals within the Agenda for Sustainable Development, including:.

Adult Learning and Literacy in the United Kingdom

See further information on our page on Education Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities , Article 24 5. African Youth Charter , Article 13 4 e f g. Charter of the Organization of American States , Article Skip to main content. Adult learners. Lifelong learning. Fundamental education. Basic education. Article 1 defines basic learning needs as: '[ Literacy and human rights law. Technical and vocational education and training TVET. Higher education.

Right to education of older persons. Adult education and Education Adult literacy is included in the Agenda under Target 4. Education is also central to achieving other goals within the Agenda for Sustainable Development, including: Target 3. The indicator International instruments. Regional instruments. Non-binding instruments. Other Issues.

The political economy of adult education and development

Adult education and learning. Minorities and Indigenous Persons in detention. As a platform to begin the debate on these aspects of development, Youngman cites the conclusion of the Fifth International Conference on Adult Education in Hamburg in , which stated that:. It poses the key question around development as a means of betterment or as a means of enhancing the political economy of a region, and addresses the structural and historical precedents under which education policy makers operate.

In doing this, the dialogue introduces the idea that learning and development are integral to the transformation of a country, but warns that market driven education, training a workforce into employment, can have divergent influences on the overall processes of development. The question ultimately is about the type of development states in the South desire and how the education systems adapt to this design. In a way Youngman anticipates the nature of globalisation and enlightens a defence of a paradigm of learning that enriches in a more holistic way beyond the restrictions of a market inclined educational economy.

The book concludes with the idea that development theory and adult educational practice should coalesce in a more discerning manner, with societal enhancement being the primary rationale for education policy making.

Adult Education: The Basic Concept, Objectives & Features