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Since then, I have refined my interests to ichthyology, fisheries, and the behavioral evolution of fish. I plan to get a career in fisheries biology or to do ichthyology related research. This research is an important step in achieving my career goals by teaching me the necessary skills to conduct research and about the shark species in the northern Atlantic Ocean.

My favorite shark species is the wobbegong because of its ability to ambush prey using camouflage.

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When I am not studying, some of my favorite activities to do are kayaking, hiking, and playing tennis. Hi everyone!

My hometown is Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. I plan to use this research opportunity to learn about what sharks are coming into the Chincoteague Bay area as well as the abundance of those sharks. I also plan to see the environmental characteristics associated with specific sharks species we catch though the use of a CTD.


Biology of Sharks and Their Relatives

In the future, I would love to be able to dive with different species of sharks in order to study their behavior. I may even be willing to partake in some night dives to see changes in their behavior at night. My favorite shark is the zebra shark because of their interesting pattern that allows them to blend in with the coral reef environment.

Description & Behavior

I really hope you can donate and help us understand these beautiful sharks even more. Hello, my name is Ben Cox. I am a senior at Edinboro University studying biology with a minor in Oceanography.

2nd Edition

I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When I graduate I plan to find a job in shark conservation. My whole life I have been fascinated with sharks. My favorite shark being the goblin shark.

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On a more personal level, I cherish my times on and in the water, and get paid to do some things that others work all year long to do for a couple of weeks of vacation! It can take so long to get at the needed answers.

Biology of Sharks and Their Relatives, Second Edition CRC Marine Biology Series

Logistics, technology and funding can either work for you or against you, but you keep on going despite the hurdles. I am working on one of the most difficult research animals on the planet -- but that's also what makes it so interesting and rewarding when we discover something new. I spend time with my wife at our home in southwest Florida, where the weather is great and the pace isn't too fast.

My wife and I love to travel, often visiting exotic places while I'm on a trip to a scientific research site or meeting. And, sometimes it's just fun and relaxing to go to the movies or watch a sports event, too.

I respect and admire many people in my field, among them the leaders in the history of Mote Marine Laboratory who have made the institution what it is today. These include Dr. Eugenie Clark, the founding director of Mote who began the lab almost 60 years ago, and who is still going in her 90s with an active research program.

And Dr.

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Perry Gilbert, who established Mote's international reputation for contemporary scientific research. I am following in these scientists' footsteps, and they are very big footsteps indeed.

Beyond that, I have many heroes and heroines in my own family, including my wife for her natural ability to care for others, and our three sons -- the oldest for his dedication to his family and success in business, the middle for his personal sacrifice in our military, and the youngest for his intelligence and wonderful way with people.

The one thing I tell all high school students interested in a career in marine biology is to go to the best college or university they can get into and take the best curriculum in basic science, math and liberal arts. Don't take a shortcut to marine biology and skip the basics, because to be a good marine biologist, you have to be a good biologist first.

During this course you will find opportunities to immerse yourself in the study of marine science, elasmobranch biology, and conservation, and put your scientific knowledge and experiences into action while learning to look at the world around you from new perspectives.

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Expect dissections and boat-based exercises! SML courses combine laboratory work and field work to expose students to real-world marine science. This course is a university level course, designed for advanced high school students. Students will earn one Cornell University credit. Read the course blog here! Ashley Stoehr began her career in marine biology as an undergraduate at the University of Rhode Island where she studied the mechanics of feeding in small sharks, skates, and rays.