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The mission of the Cancer Biology Laboratory is to develop smart cancer therapeutics with increased potency and decreased side effects. We use phage display screens to identify homing peptides that bind to specific targets in the vasculature. Corresponding synthetic peptides are explored for targeting drugs, biologicals, and nanoparticles into tumors to increase their therapeutic index.

Our scope includes understanding the molecular interactions involved to drive specificity and activity, focusing on Tumor Penetrating Peptides TPP that trigger bulk extravascular transport in the tumor tissue. Web by Redwall.

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Bensley demonstrated that the islets of Langerhans were specialized elements of the pancreas. He developed staining methods that distinguished between alpha cells and the beta cells that produce insulin.

Bensley's work was fundamental to the discovery of insulin. He later developed techniques to disassemble cells and isolate cellular components by spinning them in a centrifuge, a technique he used in to isolate mitochondria. Gastroenterologist Joseph B. Kirsner joined UChicago in , then pioneered modern understanding and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease He was one of the first to show the link between ulcerative colitis and increased risk of colon cancer, introduced guidelines for how doctors should care for patients, and helped found the American Gastroenterological Association, the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, and the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases.

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In , medical researcher Leon O. He discovered he could save a mouse whose bone marrow and spleen had been destroyed by transplanting donated spleen tissue into the mouse. The procedure now helps thousands of patients with cancer and other diseases each year.

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  • Building on the work of cancer researcher Charles B. Huggins, Elwood Jensen and fellow medical researcher Eugene Desombre identified the precise mechanism through which hormones drive cancer—by binding to a receptor protein in cells.

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    The finding opened a new therapeutic front in breast cancer, leading to targeted treatments credited with saving many lives each year. Skip to main content.

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    At the University of Chicago I found a welcoming community of students and faculty that can help me excel in my professional career as a scientist. When applying to programs I focused on finding a place with great research opportunities that would also provide me with tools to succeed as a young scientist, and I found it here at UChicago.