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Publisher overstock copy. She busied herself with supper checking the window from time to time to see if he was still there. Just as she was about to turn back to putting the finishing touches on the salad a car pulled up alongside the young man. Without getting out of the car the driver of the vehicle handed the man a jacket and drove away. She noted the license number and, telling herself not to panic, shakily dialed her husband's work number.

No answer.

Ed Lovette

She had just pushed the "redial" button when she heard the sound of the iron gate as it slid open. He always drove himself home, refusing the driver his rank entitled him to. He'd get out of the car, open the gate, drive the car into the big driveway in front of the house, then get out of the car again to close the gate. She grabbed his arm, told him to forget the car and hurried him into the house with her. She told him what she'd seen and he immediately called base security. The arrest of the young man and the license number she'd hastily copied provided. As w e said in the first chapter, simply telling someone to be alert, be aware is not sufficient.

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Because the country is looking for a few good lerts. So let's take a look at some things w e can do to heighten our awareness.

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  • What Is “Situational Awareness”.

Mental awareness is the end result, the third step, of a three-step process. Failure to do steps one and two explains w h y a lot of folks never get very good at step three.

(Revised September 2003)

The first step is mental preparation, perhaps best described as some bridges you need to cross. These are the stretching exercises for step two. The second step, mental conditioning, is an ongoing process which helps you get into shape and stay in shape from the neck up.

First, mental preparation. This is part of your commitment to personal security. A self-test which requires you to deal with s o m e critical issues before the battle, not during it. It helps you put these issues in perspective even if your honest answer is, " I ' m not sure, but I think s o. Getting your head out of the sand. This is an acceptance of the fact that w e live in an increasingly violent world and that one day w e might be confronted by this violence. The good news is w e can do something about it. The defeatist attitude is a selffulfilling prophecy. It is most often identified by the phrase, "If they want m e , they're gonna' get m e.

More to the point, you can't help yourself. Even if you have to give IN. He was an agent for the U. Drug Enforcement Administration who had been temporarily assigned to one of his agency's offices abroad. He was doing some last minute shopping before catching a flight home the next day. He had hailed a cab, got in and sat down on the back seat and closed the door when the driver of the cab turned around and stuck a gun in his face and demanded money. The agent was wearing a pair of handmade elephant hide boots which he had just picked up.

He had his Glock 19 stuffed in one boot and a large sum of cash stashed in the other. He reached for neither. He had learned a long time ago to carry a little money, mostly small bills, separate from the bulk of his cash.

Defenders Use Attitude and Distance to Send Robbers Packing - Active Self Protection

Reaching into his shirt pocket, he handed the driver this "chump change, " telling him in the local language that was all he had. As he was talking, the agent opened the cab door. He stepped out and walked away. His agency commended his level-headed response to this incident. Mental conditioning, as the term implies, helps you develop your awareness skills and then keep them sharp. In m y studies of the subject I have found two people w h o take a very c o m m o n sense user-friendly approach to helping you both understand what mental conditioning is and h o w best to practice it.

The first is Jeff Cooper, the father of modern pistolcraft. T h e r e ' s no sense in m e trying to explain what Jeff Cooper has already said best. I especially like the simplicity of his two part approach. One part is called the " W h a t if? The other is " X ' s and O ' s , " a practical exercise. M o r e recently, in preparation for this book in fact, I read an excellent presentation on the subject in an article Marcus W y n n e did for Combat Handguns, entitled, "Living in Condition Yellow.

His thoughts on mental conditioning dovetail nicely with Cooper's. I especially like them because they include the other senses in addition to vision and his "five minutes a day" approach. Unfortunately, your local newspapers and the nightly T V news are usually chock full of all sorts of horrible things that have happened during the day.

Just ask yourself h o w you would have handled these situations. Could they have been avoided? If not, w h a t options could you have used to evade or counter and safely extract yourself from the incident. Movies are another good source of situations. While they tend to stretch your imagination somewhat, you can count on the hero to do everything wrong, at least from a real-world perspective.

A n d you will see s o m e truly awful technique and absolutely frightful gun handling, guaranteed. Wynne: " W e need to get out of our own w a y and relearn trust in that intuitive processing. W e need to pay attention to it. W e can consciously train this ability, five minutes at a time, by asking ourselves, ' W h a t am I seeing around m e right n o w? W e can learn to do this, before w e need to use it, by practicing situational awareness in five minute blocks throughout the day.

Keep a chart. Every time anyone is able to approach you from behind without your knowledge, m a r k d o w n an X.

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Every time you see anyone you k n o w before he sees you, mark d o w n an O. A m o n t h with no X ' s establishes the formation of correct habits. In the introduction we defined mental situational awareness as a state of general alertness which allows you to take the element of. Many of you will recognize this as Cooper's definition of Condition Yellow.