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Soooo…did no one notice how weird Cophine was this ep though? Especially Delphine, she just seemed so uncharacteristically done with everything.

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Go tell your fucking lies somewhere else. Immer dieser Gedanke nicht der einzige zu sein, nicht wichtig oder tragbar zu sein. Ich kann es nicht mehr ertragen angelogen zu werden. I definitely have. Why, would you look at that.


Sam Smith, openly gay man, following Louis Tomlinson, the apparent homophobe. Funny how science works. Juliet: Good night.

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Sleep tight. Imma fight. Till we see the sunlight.

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Tik tok. On the clock.

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  4. Yeah okay. Why do I feel that I care more than you do? Because I intrude on your happiness. Yet you tell me you worry. If you care, show me.

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    Panting, breathless 2. Your anhelation says otherwise. Anhelation breathless eager panting don't lie to me exhaustion Do we lose our reputation in the world?

    Barbra Streisand to Trump in new song: Don’t lie to me!

    The way he pushed [Brett] Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court to protect himself is unconscionable; we have a leader and now a Supreme Court justice who tells lies. Speaking before the Senate, Kavanaugh was no better than the president, she said. Streisand said now was the time to make her album and warn about the danger of walls, both the physical ones Trump refers to and the emotional. By Rebecca Keegan. From the Magazine. By Vanity Fair.

    Read More. By Kevin Fitzpatrick.