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But technically, the task of determining whether a domestic downturn qualifies as a "recession" falls to the National Bureau of Economic Research , a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization, which defines the term more broadly as "a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months. Jobs disappear, and the unemployment rate spikes. During the Great Recession, which lasted from late until mid, it peaked at 10 percent; during the Great Depression, it was Entrepreneurs have trouble getting the financing they need to start new businesses, and with less disposable income rattling around the economy, existing businesses may be forced to close their doors.

Those that stay open are less likely to expand their operations or otherwise make new investments. Real estate values may fall, even though monthly mortgage payments stay the same. People who lose their jobs may lose their homes, too. And of course, the stock market collapses, wreaking havoc on investment portfolios and retirement accounts.

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During the Great Recession, the Dow lost more than half its value in just six months. Perhaps the most significant consequences, though, are those that manifest themselves in the years that follow. As a report published by the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute puts it, no recession is really a "one-time" event, since "economic hardships for parents will mean more economic hurdles for their children," too.

Things like extended periods of joblessness, abandoned education plans, and inadequate access to health care all create lingering costs that the economy will still be repaying long after the recession is officially over. The federal government funds a good chunk of its operations by issuing bonds—essentially, loans it pledges to repay with interest at a certain future date. Ordinarily, investors expect higher yields on longer-term bonds, since those lock up their money for the longest period of time. And so, the yield curve—the returns on different types of bonds—usually increases with the amount of time to maturity.

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When demand for long-term bonds goes up, though, their yield goes down. And when it gets to the point where yields are higher on short-term bonds than they are on their long-term counterparts, the yield curve inverts. That's generally a sign that people are spooked about the economy's health. Investors, anticipating interest rate cuts and inflation slowdowns that tend to accompany recessions, are suddenly more inclined to park their money in safe or year assets, avoiding the risk associated with shorter-term bonds in the potentially-tumultuous months to come.

As the Federal Reserve Board of San Francisco noted in a research paper last year, the inverted yield curve boasts a "strikingly accurate" record for forecasting recessions. And these recent inversions of two- and ten-year Treasury bond yields, the Financial Times points out , are the first since The Great Recession that began the following year, of course, plunged the country, and the world, into the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. It would be more than half a decade before the market returned to its pre-crash levels. For starters: Trump's scorched-earth trade war with China.

In July, New York University economist Nouriel Roubini pointed to fallout from the dueling tariffs and volatility in the global oil market as potential recession triggers. In an interconnected global economy, an economic stalemate between the world's two largest exporters of goods has devastating ripple effects. China is already in the midst of an economic downturn, spurred on by Trump's trade policy, cautious consumer spending, and China's reliance on debt-fueled growth.

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Last month, the nation experienced its lowest factory output in 17 years. Meanwhile, the prospect of a "no-deal Brexit"—the nightmare scenario in which the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without a new trade agreement in place—has investors everywhere on edge.


By some estimates , a no-deal Brexit could cause the U. Earlier this month, Germany's central bank warned that thanks to Brexit worries and U. More than a decade ago, Roubini earned the nickname "Dr. Doom" for making dire predictions about an impending financial meltdown which, he said, would be brought on by an unprecedented housing market collapse, the failure of Wall Street investment firms, and the implosion of the mortgage-banked securities that were powering the global economy.

At the time, he was ridiculed as a pessimist. As recounted in a New York Times profile , after Roubini delivered one of his trademark warnings in a speech at the International Monetary Fund, the moderator earned laughter from the audience by quipping, "I think perhaps we will need a stiff drink after that. Global trade wars aside, there are other, subtler hints that something is amiss. After two straight quarters of decline, the American manufacturing industry is already embroiled in its own mini-recession. The freight industry—trucking, rail, and air—has been quietly sliding over the last year, which can be an early signal of a coming recession, since companies that anticipate fewer sales respond by shipping fewer goods.

The same is true of sales of RVs and brand new cars —luxury goods that are among the first things consumers skip when money gets tight. Like Roubini, Warren's perspective merits special attention because she, too, sounded unheeded alarm bells about the risks created by the pre housing bubble. A lot of different things. We also are symmetric ingredients and measurements on download financial cataclysm now how to survive the coming or for cab.

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