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    In Defense of Pumpkin Pie

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    How Did That Get to My Table? Pumpkin Pie

    Network Analysis Inbound Links 1 1 Total. Shared in Network This resource is rare in the Library. Nothing fancy, no crazy ingredients, just good old creamy pumpkin pie sitting in a light and flaky golden crust. As a child, I remember my Mom baking a pumpkin pie the night before Thanksgiving. The mat served a dual purpose. First of all it was considered a non-stick mat. This helped decrease the need for excessive flour to be placed on the rolling surface.

    10 Easy Pumpkin Pie Recipes That’ll Make You Crave Fall

    But the best part about the mat was that it had various circles and measurements printed on the surface. This guide helped you know exactly how far you had to roll out your dough for the perfect 9 inch pie crust. Once the dough was rolled out to the perfect measurement, my mom would then roll the dough onto the rolling pin. Then carefully place it in our glass pie plate.

    Easiest Pumpkin Pie Ever - Thanksgiving Recipe

    She would scallop the edges around an old wooden spoon handle. This same spoon was one used on occasion to shoo us out of the kitchen when we got too rowdy.