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Threats In the past fifteen years, the built area around the shrine has been enlarged to improve comfort and safety for the tens of thousands annual pilgrims.

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If persistent, this trend could threaten some of the natural and aesthetic values of the site. Maintenance of the species-rich grasslands and precious silvo-pastoral mosaics surrounding the site is also undermined by the decline of animal husbandry and conservation measures. These had for many years privileged reforestation through traditional forms of management, for example limitations to hunting and understory management.

Finally, ongoing normalization of the religious rituals may result in losses to the unique intangible cultural heritage associated with the site. As a first step, specific research has been carried out since , with the aim to understand the biocultural uniqueness of the site through ecological floristic surveys, spatial analysis and social science methods participant observation, ethnographic interviews, focus groups.

Results The research work completed so far has evidenced the interdependence of the ecological values of the area and traditional activities such as pilgrimage and animal herding.

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Some of the preferences and perspectives of local people about future developments have been collected. These efforts have thus highlighted the uniqueness of the intangible heritage associated with the shrine, supporting the claim for a biocultural approach to conservation.

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These insights are being expanded to inform discussions on site management and governance, and prepare processes of coalition-building in the near future. Ecology and Biodiversity Karst rock formations and a thick beech forest characterize the site, which is also the source of the most important watercourse in the area, the river Simbrivio. In the surrounding plateaus, species-rich grasslands created by animal herding occasionally interrupt the forest.

The most ancient trees, often pollarded or similarly managed, are found in these grassland patches. A rare population of Eriophorum Latifolium grows in the rocky habitats above the shrine.

Wolves are newly repopulating the area. Custodians The shrine lies under the jurisdiction of the Bishopric of Anagni, which appoints an apposite priest rettore to supervise it.

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The rettore resides on-site during the opening period May through October and oversees maintenance and religious uses of the shrine. Brotherhoods of local people have a considerable role and independence in organizing the main celebrations, and a direct stake in site management. Although there are no formal restrictions, affiliation to the brotherhoods is usually inherited and, in the case of Subiaco, was limited to men until very recently.

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The plateaus around the shrine are locally-owned silvo-pastoral collective properties. Given the decline of traditional economic activities and decreasing pressure on the resources, they have been accessible also to outsiders in exchange of an annual fee for some decades.

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Working Together Presently, governance of the site remains relatively fragmented. Despite attempts at cooperative action, there still seems to be no consensual vision shared by all main stakeholders, that is, local people, administrators, the Church, and the park management.

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It is best known for its commanding position above the Spanish Steps which lead down to the Piazza di Spagna. The church and its surrounding area including the Villa Medici are a French State property. In , Saint Francis of Paola , a hermit from Calabria , bought a vineyard from the papal scholar and former patriarch of Aquileia , Ermolao Barbaro , and then obtained the authorization from Pope Alexander VI to establish a monastery for the Minimite Friars.

Building work began in a French style with pointed late Gothic arches, but construction lagged.

The architect of the facade is not known for certain, but Wolfgang Lotz suggests that it may have originated in a design by Giacomo della Porta a follower of Michelangelo , who had built the church of Sant'Atanasio dei Greci , which has similarities, a little earlier. In front of the church stands the Obelisco Sallustiano , one of the many obelisks in Rome , moved here in It is a Roman obelisk in imitation of Egyptian ones, originally constructed in the early years of the Roman Empire for the Gardens of Sallust near the Porta Salaria.

During the Napoleonic occupation of Rome , the church, like many others, was despoiled of its art and decorations. In the first chapel to the right is a Baptism of Christ and other scenes of the life of John the Baptist by the Florentine Mannerist painter Giambattista Naldini. In the third chapel on the right is an Assumption of the Virgin by a pupil of Michelangelo, Daniele da Volterra the last figure on the right is said to be a portrait of Michelangelo.

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The first chapel on the left has frescoes by Nebbia. In the sacristy anteroom are more frescoes by Taddeo Zuccari: a Coronation of the Virgin , an Annunciation , and a Visitation. The frescoes in the dome are by Perino del Vaga [8]. In a niche along a corridor that opens onto the cloister, is the fresco reputed to be miraculous of the Mater Admirabilis , depicting the Virgin Mary , painted by a young French girl in