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In Japan, the crane is considered as a mystical animal that is believed to live for a thousand years. Because of this, it became a symbol of good luck and long life.

What is a senbazuru in Japanese tradition?

It also symbolizes fidelity, because when two cranes mate, they remain loyal to each other until they die. Way back then, paper folding origami in Japan was considered as a ceremonial and religious art. Since the crane is believed to live for a thousand years, each paper crane represents one year in a crane's life.

When one has completed origami cranes, then the sacred crane will grant his or her wish. It was also believed that if a sick person folds cranes, then he or she will get well again. However, Senbazuru took on a new meaning after World War 2. According to the stories, a girl named Sadako Sasaki was diagnosed with leukemia, which she got from the radiation caused by the Hiroshima bombing during the war.

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Hoping that she will get well again, Sadako decided to fold cranes. A popular version of the story says that she was only able to fold paper cranes before she passed away.


Years after her death, a monument was built in her honor, now known as the Children's Peace Monument. It represents a child's hope and cry for world peace. Every year on August 6, children from all over the world send folded paper cranes to Sadako's statue to keep this hope alive.


Nowadays, folded thousand cranes are given as gifts for weddings since cranes represent fidelity and birth of a new child for long life. Some believe that one person must fold 1, cranes within one year in order to get the blessings of that wish. Origami cranes orizuru that are folded into a group of 1, are known as a senbazuru. The individual cranes are often strung along a string so they can be hung from the ceiling. The cranes are typically made from many different colors and patterns of paper, so they are a bright and cheerful decoration.

As you might expect, folding 1, paper cranes is not an easy project.

Origami cranes get easier to fold with practice, but making 1, paper cranes is still a huge undertaking. For this reason, it is common for groups of people to join together to make a senbazuru. And, because this activity brings people together, the act of making a senbazuru has been adapted on a larger scale to spread public awareness often for good causes or charitable fundraising campaigns.

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Sasaki was a Japanese girl that suffered radiation poisoning at the age of 2 when the atomic bomb was dropped at Hiroshima during World War II. She developed leukemia at age Inspired by the senbazuru legend, she began folding cranes. She completed , but sadly, was too ill to finish. She died that year. Her family and classmates completed the senbazuru in her honor. Sasaki is remembered today as a worldwide symbol of the innocent children impacted by war. The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons uses the idea of folding 1, paper cranes in its public awareness campaigns.

The organization tells the story of Sasaki.

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The book is commonly read in elementary schools as part of the peace education curriculum. One of the most popular reasons for people folding 1, paper cranes is to show their support for a loved one suffering from a serious illness.

This online resource can show you how to make a senbazuru.