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No hay que olvidarse que es una obra de teatro tal vez desde ese enfoque podes cambiar un poco la perspectiva del resultado final. Es diferente porque no es narrativo como los anteriores. El tema del amor y la amistad es hermoso.

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Each year, he got weaker and weaker until one day he said that he was not able to go to work anymore. Sometimes he had such horrible pains in his chest, he thought he was having a heart attack. Pneumonia became a yearly happening. We sold everything we owned and moved to Crete, Greece. Because of the recession here, It was difficult for me to find a job.

e-book Per pietà, bell idol mio, aria, K73b (K78) - Full Score

The main part of the story begins with me surfing on internet some years ago. I discovered a list of symptoms for gluten intolerance. This was the most important discovery I made. In my book, I discuss what gluten actually is and give suggestions on how to check if it might be an issue for you. Stopping with gluten is only the beginning.

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Jan had been abusing his gut for 50 years and it needed healing. In the book, I talk about the healing effects of bone broth and gelatin. I show you how to make your own bone broths and give recipes for making healthy and tasty gelatins.

Per pietà, bell'idol mio, K/73b (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus)

I discuss the use of several types of probiotics and how to grow your own. I never have been an advocate for pills and making your own probiotics is healthier and cheaper. Once you start your own, you will have a never ending supply of probiotics. Many issues are discussed in the book, from how to prevent a heart attack, diabetes, and even how to reverse a receding gum line in your teeth. I talk about why we need magnesium and tell you how to make your own magnesium oil.

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  6. I also discuss the importance of combining vitamin D and vitamin K2 with magnesium and show you ways of creating your own source of vitamin D using mushrooms. By J Joni thank you for writing this book. A proper diet is one of the essential ingredients for living a fruitful and bountiful life.

    This summer I started eating mangos for the first time in years and it occurred to me that with something so delicious and healthy for us, who needs ice cream? I've learned, that all our dietary needs have been provided for us and comes naturally from the earth. If it's made in a factory you can be sure it's gonna be unhealthy and make us sick. Thank you for helping to share your valuable knowledge with the world. By Julie Haaksman Nice read! I give this book a 4. What a lovely writing style where I felt that I was in Joni's kitchen in Creta learning about her experiences with her.

    Interesting and inspiring recipes too that I hope to try. The most important thing is that it worked for her her husband Jan and that he is well.

    Per pietà, bell idol mio, aria, K73b (K78) - Full Score

    This book is a must have! By Patricia This is a must have. I know Joni and her husband Jan Verhees. I know how sick Jan was for years and how Joni try to find a way out of this situation and she did. This book will give you answers to your questions of how to eat healthy. Thank you Joni for helping all of us. A true story of a man's quest to get healthy again, by Joni Rae Verhe Kindle. It will depend upon your prepared needs. You could find the same book that you order here.

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