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Mirell is insistent on giving her the rest of the memories because she won't deny the truth, something the rest of her people have been hiding for a long time. Mirell says the others in her group now know she's been sharing these memories. Torres realizes Jora is Korenna. She grabs Torres' neck and Torres finds herself in another dream, now playing the same kind of musical instrument from before.

Korenna, in her room again, stops playing and thinks. Alaris enters her room, and explains he is scheduled to leave the next day. He wants Korenna to come with him, but she can't leave her family and career. Alaris tells her the incredible rumor: that the Regressives are not colonized, but simply killed en route to the planet.

Korenna has a hard time believing this, as there's plausible explanations for not being able to get in contact with those who already left, but Alaris is adamant. They're interrupted by Korenna's father, who talks to his daughter and eventually convinces her that Alaris and the Regressives are the ones who are lying. Korenna is finally convinced and signals that Alaris is in the next room.

Her memory flashes to later when Alaris and another Regressive are put to death burned like she saw earlier after the words of Korenna's father talking about protecting their ideals. Korenna is deeply distraught, but then, when the crowd cheers at their deaths, Korenna herself joins in.

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After this, Korenna is shown as a teacher working with students and telling the children that the Regressives killed each other due to their stubbornness, and none of them remain. Strongly affected by the horrible visions , Torres realizes that the Enarans have concealed a part of their history from their descendants and that one of them aboard Voyager doesn't want her buried memories to die.

She charges into the goodbye party organized for the Enarans and tells everybody about what she has discovered. The older Enarans refuse to admit that what she experienced was a true story, while the younger ones refuse to believe her. Torres also accuses the chief of the Enarans of having killed Jora Mirell. Janeway is shocked and tells B'Elanna she will speak to The Doctor to confirm the cause of death of Jora Mirell and then meet B'Elanna in her ready room an hour later.

Janeway decides to allow the Enarans disembark and takes no actions to force them to reckon their history. She tells Torres she believes her, but if they want to conceal a part of their history from themselves it is their right to do so. Starfleet has no business in the matter. Torres desperately suggests they could look into it if a murder occurred on their ship, but Janeway says she already had The Doctor discreetly examine Jora Morell for signs of foul play and that he found none. However, Janeway has trade negotiations as well as shore leave canceled, and orders that Voyager leave orbit as soon as all the Enarans have disembarked.

Janeway mentions that the Enaran engineers are still packing up their equipment, and suggests that if Torres has anything more to say, she should talk to them. Torres thanks Janeway and leaves. In engineering, Torres finds Jessen, who still strongly refuses to believe her. Torres asks her to search her history when she returns to Enara Prime and wishes to be able to transmit her the memories she has received from the old woman. Convinced by Torres' earnestness that she might be telling the truth, Jessen offers to establish the telepathic link and in turn begins experiencing the same story herself.

The Enarans haven't shown any hint of subterfuge, any hidden agenda. They've been nothing but straightforward and honest. You're in no immediate danger. They'll be gone in another day. Popular Indie Movies on Amazon Video. Henrik Moser. Share this Rating Title: Remember 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This. The Captive I Crime Drama Mystery. Mean Creek Crime Drama. Ararat Drama War. Adoration Drama Romance.


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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Christopher Plummer Zev Guttman Kim Roberts Paula Amanda Smith Cele Martin Landau Max Rosenbaum Sean Francis Max's Aide Howard Jerome Rabbi Henry Czerny Charles Guttman T. Zev's Great Grandaughter Liza Balkan Rebecca Guttman Mark Fisher Tyler Daniel Kash Retirement Home Director Duane Murray Tyler's Dad Patrick Haye Edit Storyline "Remember" is the contemporary story of Zev, who discovers that the Nazi guard who murdered his family some 70 years ago is living in America under an assumed identity.

Taglines: Dark truths will come to light. Language: English German.

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Budget: CAD13,, estimated. Runtime: 94 min.

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Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. Wiktionary 5. Please remember this formula! Please remember me to your brother. You don't have to remind him, he remembers very well. Webster Dictionary 5. Chambers 20th Century Dictionary 0. How to pronounce remember?

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