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The final volume will please fans looking for action, emotion, and, ultimately, closure. Fans of the trilogy will be pleased. Lev Grossman proves again that the costs and consolations of creation—both of Fillory and of this conclusion to his trilogy—are mighty forces. Quentin Coldwater, Grossman's Orpheus and his Abraham, his Yahweh and his Puck, enchants as few other magicians can, or dare.

Literary perfection for those of us who grew up testing the structural integrity of the backs of wardrobes. Also, damn. Just some of the best magic I have read, ever.

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The Magician's Land

Circe Paperback. By Madeline Miller. Published: Back Bay Books - January 28th, By Ann Patchett. By Ta-Nehisi Coates. Published: One World - September 24th, Red at the Bone: A Novel Hardcover. By Jacqueline Woodson. Published: Riverhead Books - September 17th, By Tracy Chevalier. By Kevin Barry.

Published: Doubleday - September 17th, A Tall History of Sugar Hardcover. By Curdella Forbes. Popular Nonfiction. By Eric A. Posner , E. He has been cast out of Fillory, the secret magical land of his childhood dreams that he once ruled. Everything he had fought so hard for, not to mention his closest friends, is sealed away in a land Quentin may never again visit.

With nothing left to lose he returns to where his story began, the Brakebills Preparatory College of Magic. Meanwhile, the magical barriers that keep Fillory safe are failing, and barbarians from the north have invaded. Eliot and Janet, the rulers of Fillory, embark on a final quest to save their beloved world, only to discover a situation far more complex—and far more dire—than anyone had envisioned. Along with Plum, a brilliant young magician with a dark secret of her own, Quentin sets out on a crooked path through a magical demimonde of gray magic and desperate characters.

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Although not usually a fan of the fantasy genre, a large part of the appeal of this trilogy for me has been its inspiration from the Narnia chronicles of C. Lewis which captivated me as a child.

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How would those stories play out if the characters were allowed to mature and develop in the "real world"? I loved the first book of the trilogy, the second a little less so and the third this one not so much.

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At his best, Lev Grossman recreates in my heart the almost painful yearning I had as a child to enter the fantastical world of of Narnia Fillory, in Grossman's rendering of that world. Descriptions of the imaginary world and its inhabitants are lush and evocative and sure to appeal to lovers of the genre. For me, however, the mystery of the first novel in the series was missing and I found it increasingly hard to care about what happened to the characters in a world so disconnected from our own.

It makes me a little sad--I wish I could have gotten more into the spirit and summoned back to life the sense of wonder I had as a child. The stories have it right for most of us--once you grow up it is almost impossible to fully return to those lands of your dreams, whether it be Narnia, Fillory or Neverland The storyline is very weak and it seems like the author was stoned when this was written. The reader has a great voice and he's the only reason I kept listening. I would not recommend this book to anyone! Loved every word I would love to go there. Maybe someday? I am so glad they all got their wish.

For just an hour or so, at the beginning, disappointment started to creep in as I listened. I thought, oh well, you can't crank out a 5 start every single time. But I was wrong. Every word written in the first few chapters of this third book of the series is necessary to set up the story to come. The novel moves back and forth through time and worlds, but does so easily and without reader confusion The people and events of the two worlds face each other, interact, and then collide into a great story.

There are new characters we knew by name in the first two novels that we get to know in depth. Narration is very good. This series needs to be read in order. I showed up for "The Magician's Land" ready to have my something worldview shaken around once more by the horrifying genius teenagers from the previous novels, only to find them all grown up at least, those who survived and behaving much more sensibly, and sensitively, than I expected. Quentin finally gets some perspective! He has become the likeable adult that often results from a troubled and disaffected youth.

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It's incredibly refreshing, and so is the first part of the story: Quentin, working as a magical gun-for-hire, gets involved in an ill-advised heist for some shady characters. It's funny, a little sad, and insanely dangerous, and it sucked me into the story at once. In the end, everything ties back to Brakebills and Fillory - and this is where this book really starts to stand out as something exceptional.

Previously, we experienced everything through the lens of the main characters' often tiresome teenaged jaded world-weariness. Now, Quentin has had time to reflect on the world, magic, and life in general, and he's more optimistic, thoughtful, and creative. There are some really beautiful themes woven into this story - about the way people experience stories as children, teenagers, and adults; about growing up, and of course love, redemption, all that stuff.

But it's also thrilling and exciting and totally unpredictable. It's huge, I loved it, and I wholeheartedly recommend it! Wasn't great but wasn't terrible either.

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The first book was great. The Syfy show is awesome, but this book seemed a little unresolved. Mark Bramhall nailed the reading, however. Props to him.

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Okay, it took me literal months to finish this book. I just could NOT get into it. The narrator was amazing, as he has been for all 3 books, but the story was just hard to latch onto for me. I was disappointed to say the least. Your audiobook is waiting…. The Magician's Land A Novel.