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Half of the book consists of never-before-published tips and techniques, and the other half comprises stories from Mystery's life-the most extreme and enlightening pickup anecdotes-illuminating the game and helping you to avoid the pitfalls of today's dating scene. The Natural. Richard La Ruina. The Art of Seduction. Robert Greene. The Game.

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The pickup artist : the new and improved art of seduction

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Mystery is completely happy and content and a believer in what he is doing is right. And he conveys it all very clearly with many anecdotes, examples, metaphors and stories throughout this book. The real mindsets behind what he does are communicated. In the last chapter, Mystery also admits to his own underlying flaws and how they motivate him. He talks about his need for women to support his happiness because of his ego and is very authentic about how he thinks and works.

Listen to Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction by Mystery at

In reality, most men work this way - but they don't admit it. Mystery's admittance and explanation of these flaws will help you to connect with your own flaws and use them as he has done - or at least understand them better. At the time of its release before we founded Dating Skills Review I watched some of it and was disappointed. It came across as dry and I managed to watch just two parts of it before I stopped.

I wasn't getting anything from it keep in mind I've been in 'The Game' for 10 years. They had set it up as Mystery sitting around having discussions with women about the pick up arts. It didn't really hit the note. So, this is their second attempt to get a product out that effectively communicates 'The Mind of Mystery'. I have seen a few very negative reviews for this book. The reason it got these is because people have bought it with false expectations about the content that weren't met.

It is misleading. There is nothing all that completely new in this book compared to other Mystery advice. I imagine that the publishers wanted to position the book amongst the other mass market books sold on the subject, like "The Game" and other works. In that context it can be said to be true from Mystery's point of view - but when you compare it against the market of dating advice you find on this site primarily sold directly by the dating companies and not through publishers it simply isn't.

Now, how to compare it to Venusian Arts' other products. In the video products where you see Mystery teaching in seminars there is a lot of value in listening and watching him because he is charismatic and a good speaker.

The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction

He believes in what he is saying, so those videos have always added more than the books about his methods. They show you who he is, his attitude, and in that way you can understand better how he does what is explained in the books. So what has been done with this book is try to relate some of that value in book form, and in a more complete fashion. The subtleties of how he thinks about women, approaching and so on are communicated.

Some great excerpts discuss areas such as how much effort you need to put in to get girls. He explains how he goes through 'dry spells' and how he gets past them.

If you are a guy who is obsessing about not getting every single girl you are after, then this could help you to get some perspective on that too. I was surprised by this book because I'd been putting off reviewing it. I've read and watched all of the Mystery products and I was looking at it as a chore to just have to do.

I enjoyed this book I listened to the audio book. There was little new to me but I appreciated their efforts and the value of what they were doing with this book. But having it all packaged up in one book, meant that who Mystery is and how his mind works with respect to women was communicated much more clearly. Prerequisites to Reading the Book Some of what is described and related in the book in some details is not fully explained technically.

It's not a technical or concept definition book or a manual. There is no details given on what to say, when to say it, in what sequence - and how these things attract women etc. You can find these details in the most recent Mystery Method courses , all of them provide different takes, but are based on the same overall theories. Another issue is that this book specifically refers to concepts that appear in Mystery's other books without explaining them. For instance the 'flame' and the 'ghost' are referred to but not fully described by the book. This is something you will only find in the Revelation book, so you will miss some of what is being discussed on that note.

Random Storylines Interrupt the Flow Some of the storyline is pretty random - just depicting scenes from Project Miami and some discussions they had back then. Some of it helps to convey the personalities and how they relate to women, and also elements of the social dynamics of the world we live in and other details that are useful about the way they run their lifestyle.

For example, how situations and entrance to clubs and bars are socially engineered by the clubs and how some of the Hollyword house parties are run to attract women as well as how a celebrity does it. Interesting anecdotes. However, some of it also seems to serve more to 'agrandiose' Mystery. You may find yourself thinking where is this going at times. I think the idea is a DHV Mystery's term to the readers. Letting them know how great Mystery is. So don't take it in too seriously - it's just scripted dialogue. There isn't that much of it.